Who’s behind BlackLine?

It was 2009 in Montreal, Canada, when an international team of young brilliant minds had the idea to realize a business dream. That time everything started.

A new fancy brand called BlackLine was born and very soon the idea was transformed into a project and the project into a real product: our first “Cotton and Lycra T-shirt”.

We wanted to design and produce the best T-shirt we could, so we started travelling around the world to look for the best partners we could find, talking to people to understand their needs and expectations, exploring the market to buy the softest and resistant textile, taking care of every single detail regarding the product and its packaging.

We do believe that you deserve all our attention and that’s why we have invested so much time and money in BlackLine project.

This is BlackLine and it is for you who believe that dreams come true!

Why are we doing what we do?

Why did we woke up some years ago and decided to design and produce sportswear?

What came to our minds up was the need to find a good, fashionable, comfortable product which could be also of high quality exactly how a high branded garment was but that could cost less and introduced to many more people.

We wanted you to feel the pleasure of our soft and comfy cotton and lycra stretch T-shirts on your skin.

Because what you deserve along your working day, your fitness time or during your sweet dreams at night is the pleasantness of wearing excellent body fit garments.

We wanted that you who do appreciate quality, fashion and comfort could wear the highest quality as well as the VIP do.

We knew how to do it so we simply started working on our project and today our T-shirts stand next to the highest brands in many fashionable shops and stores.

What are we exactly doing?

Having you in our minds we have obtained “excellence”.

Today we do not simply produce man’s cotton and lycra stretch sportswear we do realize what you are asking for.

We have realized 6 different T-shirts models:

.body short sleeve crew neck
. body short sleeve V-neck
. body sleeveless crew neck
. body long sleeve crew neck
. body long sleeve V-neck
. slim fit tank top racing back under vest

We have produced them in 13 different colors and in 4 sizes (M, L, X,XXL):

. Grey
. Black
. Blue
. Dark blue
. Dark green
. Coral pink
. Purple
. Cyan blue
. Phosphor
. Brick
. Dark grey
. Maroon

Where are we doing what we do?

Everything started in Montreal, Canada, where we created our brand, made our exceptional team up and designed BlackLine first T-shirt.

Then we moved to Kuwait to conquer the heart of the Middle East.

Now it’s the time for entering the big China and the European market passing through Italy. It seems Italians really love BlackLine and we both know how they are perfectionists with fashion.

We have been appreciated by multi brand stores like Go Sport and Inter Sport and our T-shirts stand closed to the most famous high brands. How to hide our emotion?

Many other independent shops love our products and help us having a wide geographical presence.

It seems that BlackLine’s fate was written since its beginning thanks not only to our pure passion and attention to any detail but because we continuously listen to you, to your advices, to your indispensable and precious feedback.

Thanks to your loyalty and our passion we are going to become the Leader in the worldwide market in a few years and you are welcome to be a really important part of this great success.

Thank you to be with us.

How are we doing what we do?

We did research, moved around the world, talked to a lot of people to figure how our new perfect T-shirt should have been to satisfy your need and expectations out.

Every day we are studying, improving, taking measures, designing models, testing materials, choosing fancy colors, cutting and sewing textiles … everything with only one thing in our mind: we want to surprise you and make you happy to wear the perfect product.

We also searched for the right partners to work with and we have found them.

We have asked them to be ready to take care of every single detail, to guarantee us the best materials, to treat our T-shirts with no toxic colors and washing procedures, to work within a respectful environment philosophy, to be careful of quality because we cannot feel we are doing a good job if these indisputable points aren’t respected.

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