Why are we doing what we do?

Why did we woke up some years ago and decided to design and produce sportswear and underwear?

What came to our minds up was the need to find a good, fashionable, comfortable product which could be also of high quality exactly how a high branded garment was but that could cost less and introduced to many more people.

We wanted you to feel the pleasure of our soft and comfy cotton and lycra stretch T-shirts on your skin.

Because what you deserve along your working day, your fitness time or during your sweet dreams at night is the pleasantness of wearing excellent body fit garments.

We wanted that you who do appreciate quality, fashion and comfort could wear the highest quality as well as the VIP do.

We knew how to do it so we simply started working on our project and today our T-shirts and boxers/trunks stand next to the highest brands in many fashionable shops and stores like Go Sport and Inter Sport.