Where are we doing what we do?

Everything started in Montreal, Canada, where we created our brand, made our exceptional team up and designed BlackLine first T-shirt.

Then we moved to Kuwait to conquer the heart of the Middle East.

Now it’s the time for entering the big China and the European market passing through Italy. It seems Italians really love BlackLine and we both know how they are perfectionists with fashion.

We have been appreciated by multi brand stores like Go Sport and Inter Sport and our T-shirts and boxers/trunks stand closed to the most famous high brands. How to hide our emotion?


Many other independent shops love our products and help us having a wide geographical presence.

It seems that BlackLine’s fate was written since its beginning thanks not only to our pure passion and attention to any detail but because we continuously listen to you, to your advices, to your indispensable and precious feedback.

Thanks to your loyalty and our passion we are going to become the Leader in the worldwide market in a few years and you are welcome to be a really important part of this great success.

Thank you to be with us.