We care of the people

When we have dreamt and started BlackLine project the first aim in our mind was that we wanted to work taking care of the people.

Companies are made of people, the market is made of people.

We all are people and we come first, before everything else.

This is why we do take care of your expectations and needs and realize our small dream to allow you to wear the highest quality cotton and lycra T-shirt ever made at an affordable price.

We wish you to feel comfortable and fashionable during all the moments of your day from morning to night, when you hang out with your friends, during your fitness time, while you are relaxing at home or during your sweetest dreams at night. You are our first thought.

But when we say that we do care of people we also mean that we do care of the people who are working with us too: employees, consultants, partners.

We give a really high value to relationships, respect and clearness.

This is why we need our staff to work in a safe and healthy working environment.

If you are working with us you have to know and feel that you are working for a brand with a soul and which is not simply a profit machine.